2017-2018 Rice Cheerleaders


Head Captain Natalie Sanchez, McMurtry College, English Major, Business and Sociology Minors

Co-Captain Tessa Fries, Lovett College, English and Philosophy majors with Policy, Law, & Social Thought minor


Kristen Smith, Brown College, Bioengineering

Nickolas Paul Walling, Lovett College, Mechanical Engineering major, Computational and Applied Mathematics minor


Alexa Davidson, Duncan College, Managerial Studies and Sport Management major with Business minor

Zoe Parker, Baker College, Earth and Environmental Sciences with Energy and Water Sustainability minor


Caroline Fess, Wiess College, Sociology

Madeleine Frazier, Wiess College, Economics and Managerial Studies

Clare Wilson, Brown College, Mathematical Economic Analysis & Managerial Studies major with Business minor