The dedication, loyalty, and quest for continual improvement are hallmarks of Rice Cheer. We wish to reach out to our loyal alumni, friends, and supporters. First, a sincere note of deep appreciation for all of the support, financial, emotional and otherwise, that the Rice Owl Family has so generously shared with the Rice University CheerleadersĀ over the years. The Rice Owl Cheerleaders would greatly appreciate your consideration of a financial pledge or gift in support of their tireless commitment to promoting Rice University. No gift or pledge is too small; every gift helps sustain the legacy of the Rice University Cheerleaders. These contributions would be put toward for travel costs, uniforms, and scholarships. The Rice Cheerleaders thank you and all of the members of the Rice Owl Family for your kindness and generosity. If you are able, you may send your donation by check to Rice Cheerleading 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005.